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Graduate Program

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With its education system of “focus on science and technology, while?harmoniously developing science, technology and arts ”, BIT has become one of ?the major bases in China to foster high-level talents. The spirit of “Unity,?Diligence, Practicality, and Innovation” is the principle for the Master?program of BIT. BIT established bases for all disciplines to deliver a multi-pattern system for Master program. It also optimized the teaching syllabus and?process of fostering, keeping on improving the environment and conditions for?teaching and research. It encourages the graduate students to take part in the?research and study, emphasizing to strengthen their ability and innovation?activity, trying to enhance the quality of students. The Master program has?fruitful achievement, some of the students win award in international?competition and gain ground from well-known international research bodies. The?results of their research also win many states awards, and some dissertation?papers are evaluated excellent in state level. ?

After 20 years efforts, master program in BIT has achieved a fast development.?The scale of the program is enlarged, while the level is increasing. It turned?into a large batch of high-level talents to the nation, enjoying prestigious?reputation home and aboard. Now, the total for the all graduate students in?BIT is 7083, among which, there are 1904 PhD. Up to July 2004, BIT conferred?PhD degree to 1762 students, Master degree to 7485 students.?The international cooperation is regarded an important part in the?construction of disciplines and graduate education of BIT. It has established collaborative relations with 81 universities from 27 countries. BIT has great?interests in conducting joint programs for PhD and accepting overseas graduate?students.

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